How to Choose the Best Probiotic Supplements?

Nov 8, 2021


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Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that help to maintain a healthy digestive system and overall health by helping you maintain a balanced microbiota, in your colon.

Probiotic supplements are touted to do everything from helping with weight loss to helping keep your gut flora in the right balance. If you have spent time in the supplement aisle, looking at all the different brands and wondering what to buy , this blog post will help you decide how to choose the right probiotic supplement for your needs.

What Are Probiotic Supplements?

Probiotic supplements contain either single probiotic strain or multi strain probiotics at high strength. They are available in the form of capsules, powders, or liquids, that contain live beneficial bacteria.

Probiotic supplements come in the form of pills, powders, or liquids that contain live beneficial bacteria. When you buy probiotic products, it's important to know exactly what you're getting so you can take full advantage of the benefits without breaking the bank. The good news is, that there’s no need to be a scientist to figure out which probiotic is best for you.

Probiotic Supplements Benefits

There are many reasons to take probiotic supplements. A healthy immune system, optimum digestion, strengthened resistance to infection, increased energy levels, blood sugar balance, health health, oral care, women's health issues are just a few of the health benefits linked to the ingestion of probiotic bacteria. Here are a few tips on how to buy the best probiotic supplements -

#Tip 1 - While buying the probiotic supplement, check for the specific benefits you are looking for, you should make sure the supplement you are buying contains the strain of bacteria that give you that particular benefit as not all probiotic strains are alike. Whether you are looking for a daily probiotic supplement for maintaining digestive health and immunity or a supplement that is effective in various medical conditions like chronic kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, Women’s health conditions like Bacterial vaginosis, PCOS , lifestyle disorders , digestive issues like SIBO, IBS, IBD, choosing the appropriate strength and supplement is of utmost importance.

#Tip 2 - Make sure that you are buying a trusted brand which promises what it delivers . The manufacturing processes can affect the quality of the supplement as viability of the probiotic strain(s) till the end of shelf life is very important for the desired benefits to be obtained . As one of India’s largest manufacturing company dedicated to the manufacturing of probiotics, Unique Biotech’s brands have the stamp of quality and assurance.

#Tip 3 - The label should claim the strength of the probiotic(s) in colony forming units and not mg as it gives an indication of the viability of the strains. Look for supplements that contain between 1 million to 30 billion cfu . Additionally check that the label assures strength of the probiotic strain(s) is maintained  till the end of shelf life and not at the time of manufacturing.

#Tip 4- Check out the storage conditions on the label. Some probiotics require refrigeration , the shelf stable supplements need to be stored away from direct sunlight in a cool place.

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