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A Natural & Safe Probiotic Ingredient for Functional foods & beverages

In recent years, functional foods and beverages have gained massive popularity within health and wellness circles. This is because they are highly nutritious and provide several powerful health benefits. For instance, functional food and beverages may prevent nutrient deficiencies, protect against disease, and promote proper growth and development as they are typically high in vitamins, minerals, important nutrients, healthy fats, and fibres. In addition, fortification with our probiotic strains confers additional health benefits. Functional foods are generally classified into two categories: conventional and modified.

Conventional foods are naturally available and rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

Modified foods are fortified with additional supplements such as probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and fibres to aid health benefits.

Maintaining a healthy diet with conventional and modified Probiotic foods can help ensure you get the crucial nutrients your body needs to protect against deficiencies and illness.

Foods with probiotics help fill any gaps in your diet to prevent nutrient deficiencies and improve health by boosting your intake of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, fibre, and healthy fats.

Nutritional deficiency is one of the significant risk factors for severe illness and malnutrition. With the COVID-19 global pandemic, the only rational way to boost immunity is to consume nutritious foods enriched with probiotics.

The ever increasing awareness and interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle have spurred us to develop probiotics as stable ingredients in a range of foods and beverages. One can enjoy the benefits of probiotics without having to take any pills and without any compromise in taste in your favourite foods or beverages

We work in tandem with food and beverage manufacturing companies providing technical support to ensure stability and viability of the probiotic ingredients all through the shelf life of their food products

Unique -IS2® and UBBC-07® are registered trademarks of the probiotic strains Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus clausii, manufactured and marketed by Unique Biotech. Our flagship probiotic strains are well-characterized and shelf-stable probiotics that stay in tune with the ever-changing demands of consumers in the ingredient market. Owing to their diverse health benefits, they are added as unparalleled ingredients for the fortification of beverages and foods such as

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  • Probiotic Drinks
  • Vegan Probiotic Drinks
  • Probiotic Food
  • Probiotics Gummies
  • Probiotic Water
  • Probiotic Snacks
  • Probiotic Juices
  • Probiotic Smoothies
  • Probiotic Sauces
  • Probiotic Protein Shakes
  • Probiotic Protein Bars
  • Probiotic Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Beverages
  • Probiotic chocolates

What consumers are looking, in probiotic food and beverages

  • Health-promoting attributes
  • Clearly outlined add-on benefits
  • Brand popularity
  • High Nutritional value
  • Natural ingredients with no GMOs
  • Enhanced shelf life of the product
  • Guaranteed viability till the end of shelf life
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How UBL Strains fits into consumers preferences?

Today, more and more people are looking to improve their digestive health and maintain well-balanced health. Health-conscious people continuously look towards functional food and beverages to meet their nutritional needs.

Our spore-forming probiotic strains offer a versatile, safe, stable probiotic solution with endless possibilities supporting the consumers' quest for a healthy life.

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Highlights of the UBL strains for Food & Beverages

  • Highly compatible with all product forms
  • Safe to use in food processing units
  • Resilient to different manufacturing processes & storage conditions
  • Does not alter the taste of the product
  • Thermostable
  • Easy to store and ship
  • 100% natural