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Probiotic Contract Manufacturing
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Looking for a reliable partner to manufacture your probiotic formula precisely?

Look no further –your search ends here! You can count on us for all your needs, we promise to deliver.

We have a WHO-GMP certified, state of the art facility dedicated to the manufacturing and packaging  of probiotics. Our team of experts are engrossed in delivering the best quality you deserve. 

At UBL we challenge ourselves to think out of the box and innovate. The trust of our customers is of paramount importance to us and we constantly strive to ensure that your product is in compliance with safety standards.

Dosage Forms

Gelatin and vegetable capsules in different sizes (00, 01 and 02)
Chewable Tablets
Chewable tablets for both children and adults in exciting flavours.
Powders can be easily added to foods & beverages of choice, the burden of swallowing pills is avoided


All our probiotic ingredients come in different dosage formats suitable to your  business needs. We have our manufacturing processes refined over time to deliver the highest quality, stable and safe formulations in suspension, capsules, powder (stick packs, sachets), gummies, syrups, drops and chewable/effervescent tablets.

At UBL, we team up with you to understand  your needs and  develop customised formulations to your satisfaction.

Private label probiotics

Build your brand with high-quality probiotics.

Collaborate with us to offer clinically proven probiotics to your valuable customers!

The premium  quality with  improved efficacy of our products will allow you to  successfully differentiate yourself amongst competitors and achieve profitability.

Meeting the private-label challenges becomes effortless with us as your trusted partner. Right from ideation to logistics, we extend support all through  to our retailers in making the entire process hassle-free.

Private label probiotics

Customized pre/probiotic blends

We offer ready-to-fill blends in bulk for your customized formulations, (BIOMIX for capsules and PROMIX for sachets).

UBL customized blends

Analytical & Technical Support

Our experienced R&D team provides you with all the support you need during application development for your products that are in the pipeline.

UBL analytical support