Probiotics For Cardiovascular Health

Dec 25, 2021


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Your heart pumps blood through your whole body, supplying your muscles and brain with oxygen and nutrients. Having a healthy heart gives you the energy to get up and get going, every day. A healthy heart means less fatigue and better endurance. If you have a history of heart or cardiovascular problems , it is suggested that you should follow a low-sodium diet and avoid foods high in saturated fats and cholesterol. Probiotics  can also help support heart health.

Probiotics for cardio have been shown to have positive effects on the cholesterol levels of individuals with high cholesterol levels , as well as other cardiovascular diseases. Recent research has shown that probiotics can also aid in the prevention of stroke, heart attack, and coronary artery disease and supplementation with probiotics led to a significant reduction in blood pressure and arterial stiffness in patients with high blood pressure.

Probiotics have also been found  to improve endothelial function, which is beneficial for those who have cardiovascular problems or coronary artery disease. Endothelial dysfunction is a serious problem and can lead to hypertension, atherosclerosis, and peripheral vascular disease.

Benefits of Probiotics for Cardiovascular health

Cardio health and probiotics go hand in hand. Probiotics encourage the growth of "good" bacteria in the gut. These probiotics are essential for optimal gut health and provide many health benefits. The following are some of the most significant cardiovascular benefits of probiotics.

1. Probiotics help lower cholesterol levels. Cardio-probiotics compete against cholesterol for absorption and prevent it from being absorbed by the body. If you already have high cholesterol, having the right probiotic supplement can reduce total LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels by around 40%.

2. Probiotics can help lower blood pressure. People with high blood pressure may be able to naturally lower their blood pressure by 2-5 mmHg by consuming the appropriate probiotic. This effect is most noticeable in people with hypertension who don't take medications to control it.

3. Probiotics can stimulate weight loss by helping you to eat less. Studies have shown that consuming probiotics for cardiovascular health helps reduce appetite, which results in reduced calorie intake and weight loss over time.

4. There is a strong link between diabetes and heart disease. Poorly managed levels of blood fats like cholesterol and triglycerides are common in diabetic people which increases their  risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Probiotics can help manage type 2 diabetes by aiding insulin sensitivity. People suffering from type 2 diabetes often have inadequate levels of good bacteria in their digestive tracts, making them more susceptible to insulin resistance and other complications of diabetes.

Lipcolac -the natural way for a Healthy Health from Unique Biotech

Lipcolac capsule which contains Lactobacillus salivarius UBLS-22 , a well documented , safe strains at a strength of 2 billion cfu was found to reduce total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and triglycerides in a double blind placebo controlled study . The mechanism of action is postulated to be through modulation of gut microbiota , anti-inflammatory activity and ability to produce an enzyme called bile salt hydrolase (BSH) which causes a decrease in the absorption of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

With Lipcolac as your partner along with a  healthy diet and lifestyle changes , you have paved the way for  a health heart  & healthy life.

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