Research & Development

Unique Biotech's Research and Development activities focus on developing innovative probiotic solutions through fermentation technology leading to improvements in yields and robustness. We continuously improve on the quality of our products in order to meet the demands of our existing and potential clients.

New isolates identified by molecular tools which include PCR based techniques and 16S rRNA sequencing are stored in our culture collection before they are screened.


Development of new products require screening of thousands of candidates for the right bacterial strains most suitable for the particular application. Screening methods include

  • Isolation of strains producing antimicrobial compounds
  • Antagonistic activity against food borne pathogens
  • Tolerance to acid, bile or salt
  • Antibiotic resistance patterns
  • Cell line studies


From selection of probiotic strains to initial production at small scale laboratory fermentors and then production at the pilot plant, the R & D is behind every stage to ensure safe and robust implementation.


Unique Biotech also collaborates with external research groups at universities and hospitals to publish studies documenting the efficacy and safety of its products. The areas in which positive clinical effects have been shown are: Gastrointestinal Health-beneficial effects on Diarrhoea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Immune Health-Immunomodulatory and Anti-inflammatory effects; Women's Health-Bacterial Vaginosis.