According to WHO, more than 2 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiency worldwide. The interactions between the gut microbiota and host immunity are complex and dynamic. The imbalance in the gut microbiome due to lifestyle changes, usage of antibiotics and diet alters the immune system. Strengthening the gut is the key to boosting the immune system.  

70% of the immune system is found in the gut which is known as gut-associated lymphoid tissue. Probiotics are good bacteria that support the overall immune system by preventing the colonization of pathogens. By enhancing the body’s naturalability to defend itself against pathogens, we acquire resistance to not only cold and flu but also to other infectious diseases that come on our way.

Antioxidant, Boost Immunity
& Improves Skin Quality

Rich in


Skin Quality


Each Gummy
Bear Contains

  •  FOS                                                             500mg

      Vitamin C                                                    35mg

      Zinc                                                              4.5mg

    (Unique IS-2)                                              2.0 Billion
      Vitamin D2                                             15mcg/600IU

   *Also available with mint

Unique Biotech’s immunity gummies are formulated with zinc which maintains the functioning of immune cells. These immunity gummies have been shown to improve digestion, immunity and help prevent upper respiratory tract infections in children and adults.